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Investing In Your Education

It is easier than ever for adults to go back to school. Whether on campus or online, career education universities provide flexibility to help you learn and advance — on your own terms! The DegreeAmerica network helps you find the right school based on your needs. Start the search now!

Benefits of Furthering Your Education

Millions of Americans age 25 and over are currently pursuing further education. Older Americans are no exception. Over 25% of Americans aged 55 to 65 are taking work-related courses. HR administrators certainly realize that an employee with higher education and a wider range of skills is more of an asset to a company. Employers are otherwise too willing to let someone go who isn't well educated and hire others with more ability. Thus it's wise to ensure you are growing as an employee, no matter your age.

As you learn new skills and get a higher education, you will be able to take on additional responsibilities at your job — or at a new job — and thus gain higher income. You'll find additional benefits you never dreamed of, such as setting an excellent example for your children, building a secure foundation for your family and improving your own self esteem. With an enhanced education, you will no longer live like you are playing a game of chance.

As you learn more, are able to do more, your advancement is truly inevitable. Even if in your current job you feel you have no way forward, you will be able to find other work that will support you in perhaps better ways.

Benefits of an Online Education

An online education can be of incredible benefit to those working full-time. You can dictate your own speed in your studies and manage your own time. Doing part-time study means you can still advance while supporting yourself and your family. All is revealed in the famous saying: "Earn while you learn!"

Getting an online degree is much less expensive than attending a standard university or college. The chances are you won't have to go into debt. There are no outlandish fees or large numbers of textbooks to buy.

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