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Homeland Security

Online Degrees for Homeland Security on the Rise

The Washington Post reported on that D.C. police are questioning a man who allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail Tuesday from atop his van on a busy downtown street as a form...


Medical Careers Meets Online Education

As unemployment rates reach double digits, many disenfranchised workers have begun to look into employment fields that are “recession proof.” Regardless of geography, career hopefuls are...

Veterinary Technologists and Technicians: What Training is Required?

For people who love animals a career as a veterinary technologist or technician can be rewarding. An associate’s degree is required to become a veterinary technician, while a bachelor’s degree is needed to be considered a veterinary technologist. People holding either degree perform similar functions, but a veterinary technologist may be involved in research which can benefit both pets and people. Both the two-year and the four-year degrees require solid grounding in the life sciences.

Bet on the Future: Pursuing a Degree in Casino Management

What if you could train for a job in a glitzy, glamorous, cash-intensive business? A business with fun-filled locations like Las Vegas...

A Booming Field of Law Mirrors Aging Boomer Population: Prepare for an in-demand Career with a Health Law Degree

Healthcare issues, such as the rising health insurance rates and healthcare reform have been on the tip of all our tongues lately. With all these recent policy changes...

Healthcare and Law Enforcement Join Forces In the Field of Forensic Nursing.

A tolerance for the intolerable. Being able to look at police photos of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims without squeamishness but with scientific scrutiny. Then the ability to document horrific acts objectively, dispassionately, so the evidence can stand up in court, the perpetrators are convicted and justice is served.


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