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5 New Online Degree Programs You Should Know About

In order to get ahead in today's world, it is becoming increasingly necessary to obtain a post high school education.

Don't Jump! Build a Bridge With Online Education Before Quitting your Current Job

Explore how online learning can give one the skills to move smoothly into a new career, better job, or new direction in this uncertain economy.

Buyer Beware: Online Degree Scams and the 5 Warning Signs

If an online high school or college degree program looks too good to be true – take a deeper look.  That’s what the Better Business Bureau is advising all prospective students looking into online learning or degrees. 

Going to College Online vs. Going to a Brick-and-Mortar School: A Look at the Intersection of Technology and Higher Education

The Internet made it possible to get an education online from start to finish. The question is, is this a good idea? Going to a brick-and-mortar school means...

What Price Learning? Thoughts on the higher cost of higher education

If you haven’t shopped for a college recently, you’re in for big surprise.  Skyrocketing tuitions seem to defy both gravity and the current economic reality.  The high cost of a university degree is causing some careful introspection from prospective students and their parents.


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