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Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: Women Going Back to School

A woman’s day is hectic. Preparing a meal for her family, taking her children to school, or working a 9 to 5, a woman is always juggling time and tasks.  Imagine if she is pursuing an education on top of all that.

Veterinary Technologists and Technicians: What Training is Required?

For people who love animals a career as a veterinary technologist or technician can be rewarding. An associate’s degree is required to become a veterinary technician, while a bachelor’s degree is needed to be considered a veterinary technologist. People holding either degree perform similar functions, but a veterinary technologist may be involved in research which can benefit both pets and people. Both the two-year and the four-year degrees require solid grounding in the life sciences.

Bet on the Future: Pursuing a Degree in Casino Management

What if you could train for a job in a glitzy, glamorous, cash-intensive business? A business with fun-filled locations like Las Vegas...

Buyer Beware: Online Degree Scams and the 5 Warning Signs

If an online high school or college degree program looks too good to be true – take a deeper look.  That’s what the Better Business Bureau is advising all prospective students looking into online learning or degrees. 

A Booming Field of Law Mirrors Aging Boomer Population: Prepare for an in-demand Career with a Health Law Degree

Healthcare issues, such as the rising health insurance rates and healthcare reform have been on the tip of all our tongues lately. With all these recent policy changes...

Going to College Online vs. Going to a Brick-and-Mortar School: A Look at the Intersection of Technology and Higher Education

The Internet made it possible to get an education online from start to finish. The question is, is this a good idea? Going to a brick-and-mortar school means...

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