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Paying for Your Higher Education a Problem? Think Community College

An American phenomenon that has its roots in the late 19th century, community colleges have also been called junior colleges or even technical colleges. They typically...

Surviving Your Freshman Year in College

You’ve been accepted to college, congratulations! The classes have started. Now what? Obviously you want to do well. You did well in high school, and you expect...

You Can Afford Graduate School: Stipends and Tuition Waivers for Psychology Doctoral Students

Earning a psychology doctorate is time consuming.  Virtually your entire focus must be on your schoolwork, which includes research, classroom study, and various forms of internships and practicums.  There is little time for outside...  

What Price Learning? Thoughts on the higher cost of higher education

If you haven’t shopped for a college recently, you’re in for big surprise.  Skyrocketing tuitions seem to defy both gravity and the current economic reality.  The high cost of a university degree is causing some careful introspection from prospective students and their parents.

Western Governors University: A New Paradigm in Online Education

Sometimes quicker is better.  That’s the unofficial philosophy of Western Governors University (WGU), based out of Salt Lake City.  But don’t go looking for...

The Science Gap: Why America Needs to Step Up to The Educational Challenge

Where will America find the resources to power itself in the coming years?  Not just the fuel, but the technology, the science?  Sadly, these too, may need to be imported.

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